Have You Tried Everything And Still Struggle To Release The Weight You Want?

Stefan Taylor

Exercise & Weight Loss Expert

Graduated with Sport & Exercise Science from Southampton University

Fx Nutrition - Functional Nutrition Master Nutrition Therapy

Advanced Injury Rehabilitation Therapist

Helping People Over 40 Who've Tried Everything To Release The Weight By Jumpstarting Your Metabolism 

Your health is important BUT......your body image doesn't match it!

Have you tried the following things with limited success?

> Weight Loss Supplements

> Liquid Diets

> Slimming World / Weight Watchers

> Low Carb

> Low Fat

> Keto

> Paleo

> Calorie Counting

> and More..........

Most people have tried some or all of these things and still struggle to lose or maintain the weight they want.  The exercise more and eat less plan just doesn't work like it did in your 20's

When your own health has slipped down the list of priorities but you really value your personal development and well-being for the future, the solution is here; you know when you have the answer you will be driven to once again and feel confident looking in the mirror!

Kick Starting your Metabolism relies on:

> Healing your body first

> Taking out Exercise for the first phase (yes you read that right)

> Never counting any calories

Releasing the weight is only half of the battle; the more difficult phase is keeping it off without it boomeranging back on.  Knowing how to reset how your body to allow your metabolism to work with you and not against you is crucial

If you are ready to release the weight you want, wake up feeling refreshed, have the energy you had before family, your career and reaching your 40's; you can back the life you love.  Learn how those over 40's that are living that life are doing what you are struggling to achieve!

Preparing Eggplant

Coaching Services

- No more guess work: get real training plans for real results

- No more starting well but not finishing: 12 weeks of interaction, coaching, mentoring and guidance to ensure you achieve your goal

- Stefan draws from experience which started with 10 years in the Royal Air Force as a PTI & RI and continued to work in and gain experience in many fields........

- Fitness Trainer To Professional Racing Drivers 

- British Finalist - Mens Physique

- Triathlon 70.3

Your Well-Being In His Hands

We choose the ideal time frames of 12 weeks as it's here the body makes physiological changes and the improvements you are looking for

- Can you afford to guess how it's done

- Have you got time to research Training Methods, Physiology, Injury Prevention, Functional Nutrition, Training Adaptations, Hydration & Fuelling, Biomechanics & Coaching Psychology...........definitely not, that why we are here for you!


- Taking out the guess work for nutrition, just results driven, body fat loosing, muscle toning menus to boost your metabolism

- A meal plan you can use for years to come, knowing this is backed by science

- You will wonder why you haven't taken this Functional Approach to eating before


"I give you a program where I will walk every step with you, give you in depth coaching, knowledge and wellness hacks to strut your stuff at the end"


Ready to see if you're ready? Give us a call or send us a mail ...


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