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I Help Women Over 40 FEEL AMAZING, Eat Foods They Love & Get In Great Shape Through Peri-Menopause & Beyond WITHOUT Sabotaging Results!

Giving You A Roadmap To Feeling Amazing & Without Sabotaging It!

"Your body today is a direct reflection of your mindset from the past & your future body will be a direct reflection of your mindset today; allow new knowledge to create your future self" ST 

Most Ladies have tried most things

with limited success?

> Weight Loss Supplements

> Liquid Diets

> Slimming World / Weight Watchers

> Low Carb

> Low Fat

> Keto

> Paleo

> Calorie Counting

> and More..........

Your body just doesn't respond the same as it used to back in your 20's, particularly for ladies going through Peri-Menopause and into menopause.  There are faster ways to fat loss for women by using essential nutrients, effective exercise and most importantly an understanding why you experience peri-menopause weight gain and struggle with losing weight in menopause.

Kick Starting your Metabolism relies on:

Healing your body first

- Eating more and exercising less 

Never counting any calories

If you want to feel amazing as you go through per-menopause and menopause then you're are definitely in the right place; this Free Training takes you through the steps needed to feel like your old self, eat foods you love, exercise when you want to & be in great shape.  No more crazy diets that cause you to crave the foods you want to avoid, no more feeling like you're wasting your time exercising more and the scales not budging, no more feeling defeating because you can't sustain the plan you've been given and no more confusion about why you're feeling so good one minute and so low the next.............Just a roadmap that gives you support, a way of fitting it into your lifestyle, which shows you how to boosts your hormones naturally.  You'll never have to use another nutrition or exercise plan again!


Jan's Journey: 2 years on she's still maintaining her weight and motivation to remain on track.

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Christianne's Journey: After approaching peri-menopause, she cut through the mixed messages to get the results she wanted.

Miranda's Journey: After turning 60 Miranda knew she had to change her habits to create lasting health and that what she got!

Cécile's Journey: Losing 27.5lbs and now learning more about herself than she ever done before. 

Sarah's Journey: She got far more than she thought she would have from her journey!

Jessica Week 2.png

Jessica's Beginning: So much learnt about mindset in just 2!

Dawn's Beginning: Wow! This is just the first week for Dawn...Amazing already!

For Mel this is just the beginning of what will be an amazing transformation to be able to put herself first guilt free, knowing those she loves the most will also benefit

Agi Story.png

Agi's Journey: When you put your mind to something, you can achieve the amazing!

Cecile Week 2.png

Cécile's Beginning: True empowerment is realising you have the control to change everything you want!

Emma's Journey: Hear how she's ended up doing things she never thought possible before!

Jessica's Journey: Just incredible change in so many ways; life can truly be and feel amazing when you discover what works for you!

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