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"After 22 years in the Health & Fitness Industry, every day is a day for learning!"



Stefan has been in the Health & Fitness Industry for 20 years, which has been a mix of working as a Physical Training Instructor in the Royal Air Force, working with Professional Racing Drivers, running an advanced fitness  performance studio and now focuses his energy, passion and experience into providing real answers for people who feel trapped in mid life, giving solutions to poor energy, lack of passion and drive and sharing what he knows about applying a winning mindset to life.

He shows women who are approaching the menopause and men feeling the effects of declining testosterone levels; the importance of eating to boost hormones levels to allow them to feel like themselves once again.

Stefan has worked with 100's of clients over the years and now guides them through a 3 step system that combines mindfullness (infinite motivation, supercharging self belief, banishing self sabotage); effective movement & exercise (effective exercise sessions for time poor people) and hormone boosting nutrition (stop sugar cravings, elevate energy, promote fat burning); this transforms lives in a way they didn't think possible in such a short period of time. 


His passion for helping others come out of his own struggles with identity and self worth and truly believes everybody deserves to have the same experiences of feeling great about living in a body they are proud of, knowing they are creating health for both the immediate future and beyond and to be able to share this knowledge with those you love and care for the most.

"Your body today is a direct reflection of your mindset from the past & your future body will be a direct reflection of your mindset today; allow new knowledge to create your future self"


Health Happiness Success



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