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Watch the Step by Step Health & Fitness Method being used by women to get into amazing shape in 60 days or less

Exactly You'll Hear

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Why a women's body will continue to sabotage weight loss if you don't fix it


How To Beat Food Cravings, Low Libido, Love your body again, STOP feeling like you have to be on a constant diet! 


Why women find themselves putting others, work & even the dog first & how to be your own best friend!

You'll be able to see exactly what you can expect to achieve on a week 2 week basis.

You'll also hear from women who thought change wasn't possible but WOW do they think differently now! 


Register for this training & get access to more FREE Information below.


PLUS FREE BONUS VIDEO: Get access a Training Video entitled "Sugar Cravings: The Science Behind The Myth"

Thank you for taking time to read through this information, I know you'll learn what you think is impossible and how to make it possible!

Health Happiness Success


I guarantee you'll learn more than you have over the last decade!

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About Stefan Taylor

Stefan has been in the health & fitness industry for over 20 years, it hasn't always been smooth sailing. 

After experiencing a year of poor health through not being focused on himself; increased blood pressure, weight gain, thinking alcohol would destress him and losing focus on family and his relationship quickly followed, enough was enough; he should know better but we're all human. 

During the road to creating amazing health he used the 60days2success Wellness Formula to feel back on top.  He has now transformed this formula to work for women approaching menopause because there's so little information out there.  Helping women feel amazing once again, balancing weight, boosting sex hormones, eating foods they love and being the role model they want to be for their loved ones.

Amazing Changes From People Who Never

Thought It Was Possible

(click to hear their experiences of amazing change)

Becky never believed she could be a great mum and have amazing health but now has created the lifestyle where she's doing both.  She Broke free from her conditioning over years of mis-informaiton.

Annette overcame years of struggling with a sugar addiction and IBS and is now symptom free and has a brand new approach to what healthy living is.

Miranda's Journey: After turning 60 Miranda knew she had to change her habits to create lasting health and that what she got!

Christianne broke free of years of failed attempts at losing weight and sustaining it long term.  2 years on she's still feeling amazing.

Cécile just had one of those lightbulb moments and this is what creates amazing future success

Hear how Tracy has gotten more than she bargained for in just the first 3 weeks of the 60days2success Wellness Program

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Before:After Marine.JPG
Annette B4:After.JPG

3 years on Emma has remained the same weight but has explored so much more due to her amazing self confidence

Marine was battling with not being able to lose her baby weight, now is feeling like the women she was before.

Netty went from feeling constantly bloated because of Per-menopause to feeling amazing each and every day.

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