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The New Breed: Block One!

Saturday 04th  July 2020. Full Body Blitz: From Top 2 Toe, we'll be challenging every muscle group in the body today.  2 x rounds of just over 10 minutes with an extra 3minute round thrown in; get yourself ready(music by No Copyright Sounds)

HIIT It With Stefan

Here you'll find the workouts from the original Lockdown for you to choose any of your favourite and most challenging sessions to boost your mood, energy and tone that amazing body of yours! 

Full Body Workouts:

Full Body Burn - Welcome back with this all over workout that challenges every body part.  2 x 14 minute rounds with a 60 second rest at the 7 minute point.  Grab your gear....let's do this! (music by No Copyright Sounds)

* 24 HIIT - All Over Body workout, 2 rounds of 12 minutes of kick ass fitness!

* Meta Blast - Body part split into Legs, Core & Arms sections to get your blood flowing and your heart going. 2 rounds, 9 minutes per round!

* Cardio Blast - Covering 12 exercises, 30seconds per exercises in an out and back stylie.  12 minutes per round, 2 rounds, full steam ahead! 

Metabolic Booster - This session covers 6 exercises with 3 Active Rest in between.  3 rounds of 6 minutes per round to truly Get You Up & running!

Ab Focused Workouts: 

6 Pack Ab Bast: This session focuses on 11:30min off 6 pack ab exercises.  2 rounds with a bonus round thrown in at the end, so stick around and challenge those abs(music by No Copyright Sounds)

Absolute Abs Here we go with this ab focused HIIT Session. 4 Rounds of 7.5 minutes......One step closer to creating abs of steel! (music by No Copyright Sounds)

* Ab Attack - 15 minutes per round with a 60sec active rest at the half way point.  These 2 rounds of ab busting exercises will HIIT the spot!

* Ab Sculpter - Covering 8 sculpting exercises, separated by a touch of cardio over 3 rounds of 8 minutes.....just 24 minutes of ab challenge!

* HIIT It For Great Abs - 3 ab exercises back to back followed by a smidge of active rest to keep you on your toes.  3 rounds, 7.5 minutes per round with a minute rest between rounds!

* Progressive Abs - This 27 minute ab session sees you building in more ab exercises throughout each round.  3 rounds of 30secs per exercise with a touch of Cardio thrown in between to keep the heart rate high!

Leg Focused Workouts: 

Love Those Legs:  This progressive leg focused workout will challenge you in all directions; 3 rounds of 10 minutes with a cheeky extra half a round by group demand! (music by No Copyright Sounds)

HIIT Those Toned Legs:  This is 3 rounds of 7.5minutes of Leg focused exercises at a pace that you won't be used to, that challenges form, control and ignoring that burn! (music by No Copyright Sounds)

* Feel The Burn - Let's get straight into this one......8 exercises covering 2 rounds of 30 seconds per exercise.  Super sharp, super intense workout that HIIT's the spot! 

* Lockdown Legs HIIT - This 24 minute HIIT focuses on cardio and legs to bring your temperature up and challenge your staying power.  4 rounds of 6 minute to keep the blood flowing and the heart going!

* Pump It Up HIIT - This leg focused session has a few arm and core exercises thrown in for good measure.  4 rounds of 6 minutes to get you physical......physical!

* Supersonic Meta HIIT - This cumulative leg workout has you challenging those legs in all directions.  Round 1: 13.5 minutes, Round 2: 10 minutes & Round 3: 7 minutes.  Get yourself ready! 

Upper Body Focused Workouts: 

 Activate That Upper Body:  Today see 2 rounds of 11.5minutes of Upper Body focused exercises that are separated by some high energy cardio! (music by No Copyright Sounds)

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