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The Way To Amazing Weight Loss Is Via The Gut - Obvious Right!

So after researching and delivering the information to our Private group, to see if anyone needed help with that. The answers were loud and clear, people were suffering in silence with poor mood, digestive upset, struggles with bloating and gas. I moved everything from my morning calendar and put together a brand new video which explains a few things: 1. Why is Gut Health so important 2. How you can boost your gut health starting right now 3. The shocking truth about what the industry isn't telling you 4. The devastating impact on your health - Poor Gut Health & Depression

Check out the Gut Health Video Here

I also want to introduce you to Chrissy Harrison. She joined the 60days2success Program after years of battling with self doubt, confusion around what to eat after years of dieting while being pulled in all directions by family, her career and feeling like she was constantly trying but not seeing the results and really didn't know where to start. We instantly clicked because she said she was doing this to be able to support her family better, free herself from self doubt, follow a plan that worked and stop the cycle of good intentions followed by self sabotage. Since completing the course she lost 22lbs in 60 days and have maintained that over the last 12 months, she's put her system in place and now has control, is 'buzzing' about living life without self doubt. What truly exciting here is that the next months are only getting better, she's much more present in life, no food guilt and now spends more time with her family and has more energy for the people she loves. Listen to her journey Here

One of the things I love about doing what I'm doing is that I know it's changing people's lives, I feel grateful for being involved in this industry and providing information that people can use to transform their lives with a system that gives them more than just weight loss. The way we handle our choices in life surrounding our health and well-being either make or break us both short and long term and if we spend time working together you'll become the version of yourself that lives life loving living in the skin your in.

Health Happiness Success


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