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Starting an exercise regime can be difficult

Starting an exercise regime can be difficult, in terms of saying to yourself, have I got time? What can I do? Will I be able to cope? But these are questions that can easily be answered if you apply some simple steps to ensure you are in a positive frame of mind about what your goals are and that they are achievable for you at this point. Exercise shouldn’t be a reminder of taking part in sports at school, which for some may not have been a pleasant experience, it should be enjoyable, social and rewarding and you may well surprise yourself in terms of what you can achieve. People of all ages and experience levels find themselves becoming healthier, fitter and having increased confidence as a result.

Why not try following these steps to make a change to your life today:

1. Start Small:

Exercise is not an all or nothing endeavour, it’s definitely a continuum. Keep in mind that a little is better than none and you can do something today, so don’t worry about what you will do next month as this perspective is hard for anyone who expects a lot from themselves by setting long-term fitness goals. Don’t expect results overnight but do expect to take small steps every day.

2. Start Where You Are:

Your exercise program doesn’t need to be elaborate, it doesn’t require you to join a gym or sweat for an hour every day, simply look at your current routine and you may discover you already walk 30 minutes at a time walking the dog or walking to the shop for groceries, this is all exercise. You can use that as a jumpstart and add another 10 minutes or walk at a faster pace, start from where you are and build it up.

3. Surround Yourself with Good Role Models:

If none your friends currently exercise, odds are you will have a hard time becoming active. Chat with people who already exercise regularly or ask if they have any books or magazines which are good for beginners or know of any classes or clubs which may suit your needs. If you surround yourself with more positivity about exercise, it will be easy for you to stay active as well.

4. Set Weekly Goals:

Set attainable, yet realistic goals. Try to set a plan to go faster, farther or longer with your routine. Your goal can be as simple as taking a daily 15 minute walk or as intense as completing your first marathon. Only you know what is realistic for you.

6. Try Something New:

If you have tried the couch to 5km program and always drop out after a few weeks, don’t worry, it may not be exercise you can’t stick with but the type of exercise. You may need to try a variety of activities before you find one that you really like and want to do long-term. Keep your options open and find exercise you enjoy so you never view exercise as a chore. It should be fun and fulfilling and also helps towards achieving your goals.

7. Find an a Mentor:

Industry professionals can give you the quickest results you are looking for but be sure to make sure you are the right fit for what he/she offers, not all fitness professionals will suit your goals.

8. Make Exercise a Priority:

If your exercise plans and goals are at the bottom of your priority list, you will never reach them. You have to believe that this is important enough to make it happen, dedicate time to giving exercise a positive priority. Take a serious look at your words, desires and behaviour. Do you always talk about wanting to get active but never actually do anything about it? If so, you are only going to continue the cycle, so be honest with yourself about what you really want and how much you are willing to work to make it happen and you’ll be surprised how easy it falls into place once you put your energy into action.

Simply by reading through these 8 tips to creating a healthier you, you have already made the very first important step to making the changes to your lifestyle.

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