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Losing body fat needn’t be a chore - make it simpler

Losing body fat needn’t be a chore and by thinking wisely about your nutrition and making some small changes you could really see some fast results. Your daily intake of fuel is the cornerstone to shedding those extra pounds.

Eat Almonds:

Almonds can help you flatten you tummy area, thanks to their high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids (good fats). The fat in almonds is not completely absorbed by the body and this can also help prevent fats from other foods being stored. Snack on around 10-15 per day but any more won’t have the desired effect.

Time your Fruit Right:

Getting fresh fruit and veg every day is a must to aid your weight loss but it’s even better if you time it right. Eating fruit after a meal rich in protein (containing plenty of fish, meat, eggs or beans) can cause bloating due to the fermentation of its natural sugars. Eating fruit before your protein rich meal will put a stop to any such feeling and take the edge off your appetite and cause you to eat smaller portions if over eating is a concern.

Have a Good Nights’ Sleep:

Try to get 6 - 8 hours of sleep per night, if you don’t get enough it can throw your bodys’ hormone levels that regulate your energy and appetite, causing you to crave more foods the next day especially carbohydrates. So it’s better sleep or tighter clothes.

Turn off the TV:

Eating while balancing your meal on your lap and watching the box may be causing you to eat up to 71% more than you need, according to research and that’s a lot of extra calories. This is due to the fact you don’t focus on the food you’re eating and aren’t aware when you’re full.

Have more fibre:

Increase your intake of soluble fibre that’s found in apples, citrus fruits, beans and salad. Its natural ability to stabilise your blood sugar levels controls cravings and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. A good rule of thumb is to separate your plate into quarters, fill 2 with fibrous vegetables, 1 with lean protein such as fish or lean meats and the other with fibrous grains such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta or pearl barley.

Give these tips a try and feel the benefits quickly.

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