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5 Reasons Your Workouts Aren't Working For You!

Many People Fall Into The Trap Of Spending A Great Deal Of Time Working Out But Aren't Seeing Results! Your time is precious and we live in an age where there seems to one thing after another that demands our attention and with every workout you do you want to be sure you're getting the most out of it right? So if you're not seeing the results you want, are you falling into the trap of some of exercise faux pars? You are probably aware of the obvious faux pars when it comes to exercise like, skipping your warm up can lead to early fatigue or injury and drinking an energy drink during your workout means your body simply burns the fuel you're drinking and not fat but what about the less obvious ones that can slip into your routine? Are You Falling For Some Of The Less Obvious Faux Pars That Can Creep In? 1: Exercising To Hard, Too Often - Faux Par: If you don't rest enough between tough sessions, you'll likely be pushing your body too hard. Your level of perceived effort reduces, meaning less 'bang for your buck'; chronic or long lasting injuries that you just can't shift; reduced appetite, meaning you'll be limiting the nutrition intake your body needs to recover. All impact on your immune system and your day to day function. - Fix: Keep the motivation high and your body fresh by taking at least 1 full rest day every week, alternate between short high intensity sessions and longer, more moderate sessions and keep max effort workouts to 2 per week; this way your muscles will recover and your performance to maximised. 2: Coasting Through Your Cardio Sessions - Faux Par: All too often it's too easy to think just because you're training for an hour on the elliptical trainer, treadmill or exercise bike that you must have done enough. With an abundant access to movies, documentaries and TV shows to watch now while you workout, it's very easy to be fooled by the time you spend at the gym. - Fix: Set your intention before you begin for example complete your warm up and stretch then switch it up with an interval session, pushing hard for 60 seconds followed by 60 seconds of steady pace; completing this 8 - 10 times; this will not only save you time but will challenge your energy systems differently. Stick to 2 of these high intensity sessions per week. Following a randomised 'Hill Session' on your favourite cardio kit and push hard on the hills and go steady on the flats, is a great way to challenge yourself and keep you engaged. 3: Repeating The Same Routine Week On Week - Faux Par: Being focused on doing the same routine or workout each time you exercise; doing the same strength sessions, the same workout on the cardio equipment, is a trap! - Fix: Your body very quickly learns what you are doing, the movement planes you go through and the effort you put in. A good example of this is only using machine weights, they limit the range of motion you go through. It's important you change the angles of movement, the weights you lift, the amount of reps you do and the order you complete the exercises in. Simply do your next weights workout in reverse order and see how it goes. 4: Doing Static Stretches Before You Workout - Faux Par: This kind of stretch is where you hold a fixed position for 10 - 30seconds. Performing static stretches prior to working out is telling your body you are relaxing and about to rest, slowing your heart and breathing rate which means your body's in for a shock when you start! - Fix: Performing dynamic stretches prior to exercise will help keep your heart rate elevated and your blood flowing moving, it triggers receptors in your muscles that prepare your body for movement and not relaxation which helps reduce injury rates and prepares your body for the intensity that about to come. An example would be to adopt on kneeling lunge position if you can, pushing your front knee forward to the end of the stretch then put in small pulse movements taking you into a slightly deeper stretch; this triggers those receptors you want on side when you begin. 5: Not Having A Plan - Faux Par: This is like going into a boardroom meeting not being prepared for the agenda items you know you have to answer. You can very quickly find months have passed and you are still looking the same as you did when you decided to start your regular sessions. - Fix: Understand that this plan doesn't have to be extensive but you do need progression built in; something as simple as a having a 10% increase in intensity every 3rd or 4th time you complete that session, will see you make in roads to your body shape changing It's not about being an olympic athlete but being aware of some of the pitfalls means you can maximise the time you spend at the gym or working at home, your body shape begins to change resulting in raised self esteem, self confidence and ultimately changing how your body metabolises fats; which is one of the biggest reasons people workout in the first place. So making small changes, enjoying the variations and spending less time doing has to be a WIN/WIN right? If you'd like to now more about how you can put change into action effectively then email me by hitting this LINK or if you'd rather jump straight in, let's have a Virtual Coffee or Tea if you'd prefer! and we can give you some action steps to follow.

Have an amazing day Health Happiness Success


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