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8 Week Stress Free Health & Wellness Program For Busy Working Mums

Have you been fighting your own private battle with your changing body size?

Do you know what you should be eating to boost your natural sex hormones?

How many times have you started a health kick & then ran out of motivation?

Do you find yourself saying " I just haven't got time"?

If you said YES to any of these......

Watch This NOW!

Now Read This

Discover how to slow down, get more from life & feel good doing it
This is for you if:

* You're successful in your career but the stress impacts your health, relationships at home and the food choices you make

* You know what you want to achieve but the fear of failing again, decreasing inner self esteem and the confusion of what to do for the best; holds you back

* The image you show to world is different to how you truly feel about yourself inside and you've had enough of feeling low

* You only hear negative stories about menopause and you want to create a healthier you, to change your own experience as your body changes

* You're motivated when it comes to work or the family but struggle to motivate yourself when it comes to making time for you

* You struggle with perfectionism and feel frustrated when you're not getting it 100% right and it causes you to fall off again

* You know dieting doesn't work and you want to explore lasting change naturally without a fad diet


After 35 falling Estrogen & Progesterone levels play havoc with your metabolism! Learning how to boost sex hormones with the great foods, how to be kinder to yourself and rediscovering how much better you feel after consistently good quality sleep, is vital to your current & future health

Your body no longer responds well to the physical & psychological torture of eating less and exercising your butt.... the rules have changed and your body is desperate for change, it's time to stop ignoring the warning signs (battles with body weight, lack of energy, poor sleep, increasing anxiety)

Losing a connection to calmness! Living a life in fast forward, clinging to precious minutes to wind sown but still not feeling recharged.....imagine living this struggle for the next 10, 20 or 30 years!

Slipping to the bottom of the priority list can feel like a choke hold and guilt overwhelms you when doing something for yourself......."you cannot set yourself on fire just to keep everyone else warm"



8 Week Stress Free, Health & Wellness Program For Busy Working Mums


See your body shape change within 7 days

No exercise needed in the first 14 days

Discover how to eat more & exercise less to feel like a brand new you

Stop Sugar Cravings within 14 days or sooner

Learn how to eat amazing foods without counting a single calorie

Get back the confidence of looking and feeling amazing in your favourite outfits

Become the authentic version of you and relationships at home and at work

........And so much more than you thought possible!

"Peri-menopause and menopause causes so much frustration, increased anxiety and often feelings of detachment from the person you once were.  Knowing you're following a specifically designed plan designed solely for this time of your life, brings back the glow that is often lost"

What You'll Receive:

2 Phase Nutrition Program:

 - Phase One: The detailed nutrition program creates health from the inside first, to allow fat to be used as energy more easily.  This easy to follow meal by meal roadmap shows exactly what to eat and when to make it work for you.  Healthy DOES NOT mean bland, you'll be amazed at the variety & colours. Whether you like to feel full or you prefer lighter meals, it's all here.  Designed specifically for women over 35.

This includes:

 - A fully detailed 'hassle free' shopping list
 - Time Saving Shopping list links
 - 'Walk you by the hand' Meals detailed for you
 - Meals in 30 minutes or less from prep and serving
- Complete list of the best carbohydrates, fats & protein sources for creating inner health & vitality
- The Nutrition Game Changer video: What foods do for you and the importance of getting it to create body confidence
- Light the blue touch paper for your Immune System: Better Gut Health = Better Immunity, Energy, Sleep, Mood, Skin, Hair & Nails

 - Phase Two: 35+ Initial Hormone Boosting Recipe Ideas, ideal for you and the whole family to enjoy and easy to adapt for any lifestyle.  This 'piece of cake' formula works at home, away on business, on holiday & eating out at restaurants too.

Video recipes to follow if you prefer to cook along together.

It's not about perfection, it's about learning what works best for your body, boosting hormones, daily energy &  achieving this means the pressure is off and the results last.

How To Crush Low Mood with food:  Training Video

Online face2face support from me personally:

Access up to 22 Live Q & A and Training Sessions from the comfort of your own home.  STOP the guess work by learning exactly how your body & mind quickly change when you work with it, to boost metabolism, create motivation whenever you need it and discover how to increase happiness by up to 80%.

Learn how to develop strategies to over sabotage, how to make positive choices that stick and how expecting perfection never creates happiness

You're not alone, be part of a group who values health, happiness & success and ride that wave yourself. 

Change the future of your mental & physical well-being - leave bad habits screaming to take you back.

Discover why habits are formed and how to create brand new ones when you follow my X, Y, Z guide to getting it right. 

Access to 6 detailed training videos covering habit forming, how to stay motivated, 

Watch the ripple effect flood into your relationships with your children, your partner, your friends and most importantly 'feel damn sexy again'.

Without knowing how to successfully change habits, nothing will change.  

Don't leave this to chance, discover how to create more energy, vitality, confidence and boost self esteem in 8 weeks or less.


It's more than just a diet that's needed to sustain your results long term, because it's more about the motivation part!

If you act now for December alone, you'll receive these incredible BONUSES TOO!

BONUS No# 1 (value £125)

30 Ways To Smash Through A Weight Loss Plateau - Make weight loss plateaus a thing of the past with these super simple tips and tricks to continue looking and feeling amazing

BONUS No# 2 (value £180)

24/7 Exercise Access - 3 Months access to weekly LIVE energy packed exercise sessions + pick and choose from over 80 + workouts in our extensive library, to shape, tone and challenge you from head to toe.  Suits every fitness level

BONUS No# 3 (value £97)

Sugar Cravings - The Science Behind The Myth - This exclusive training from my 60days2success Wellness Program shares why we create sugar cravings and how we can stop them in their tracks

BONUS No# 4 (value £297)

Losing Weight Is A Complex Issue - Exclusive access to training I delivered with Jan McClean-Smith, a councillor and psychotherapist.  Here we discuss why women struggle to achieve food related goals and how you will avoid falling into that trap time after time 

Total Value Of Bonuses


But for December only you get all of this......

For Only £197

Get yourself ahead of the game and place your order today! 

You'll have access to your FREE BONUSES immediately after signing up sent direct to your inbox and the Nutrition Program will come through on the 1st of January, plus I'll be hosting the very first of the weekly LIVE training calls via Zoom on the 2nd 

Start Creating The New You Today For Only £197


Money Back .jpeg

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

If you're not satisfied with the products or services within

the first 14 days we'll return your full amount to you.


Sally R.

I'm learning so much more about myself and how to beat my past bad habits; I understand now why I couldn't stick to a plan before

Sarah Y.

I feel so much better, it feels like my insides must be shining haha! It has never felt this easy before to eat with the my husband and my son; we all enjoy the meals 

Rebecca P.

I feel so much calmer and my whole family have noticed the difference in me.  I'd been struggling for so long I'd forgotten how great I can feel!

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