The New You Nutrition Program

Have you been fighting your own private battle with your weight for some time?

Do you know what you should be eating but can't seem to sustain your motivation?

Are you eating the same things as you did before but this time the weight doesn't budge?

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If you're looking for a way of eating that doesn't require counting calories & weighing food, one that works for you and the whole family too then you're in the right place and has been proven to work.


After age 35 your Estrogen & Progesterone levels fall and it plays havoc with your metabolism!

Traditional dieting relies on quick fixes but they're difficult to maintain (but you know that)!

It feels like it's about eating less but the less you eat the more your body holds onto body fat!

It feels like your body is working against you! 


Everything you try only lasts for a short amount of time and it causes frustration with yourself not being able to stick to it and the impacts are you feel grouchy and you either keep it a secret or it begins to impact on your self esteem, how attractive you feel and whether this is just something you will have to JUST ACCEPT! 

The information out there seems to be so conflicting, eat this, don't eat that, cut out this, buy these supplements and it's all so confusing!


New You Nutrition


Release the weight with ease

Break free of the frustration of dieting

Free yourself from the private battle inside

Stop Sugar Cravings in their tracks

Learn how to eat amazing foods without counting a single calorie

Get back the confidence of looking and feeling amazing in your clothes again

........And so much more than you thought possible!

The BEST thing is you'll begin to see and feel the results within the first week of the "NEW YOU NUTRITION PROGRAM"

Whether you're a busy mum taking care of the family and the household or you're a busy professional or both; you'll feel recharged, re-energised and wondering what was holding you back before?

What You'll Receive:

2 Phase Nutrition Program:

 - Phase One: The detailed nutrition program creates health from the inside first, to allow fat to be used as energy more easily in an easy to follow meal by meal roadmap to follow, with all meals quick and easy to prepare.

This includes:

 - A full shopping list

 - Shopping list links

 - Day by Day Meals detailed for you

 - Herb & Spice Mixes


 - Phase Two: Recipe Ideas, quick seasoning ideas, ideal for you and the whole family to enjoy and easily adaptable and inter changeable to fit in with any lifestyle.  This will form the basis from which you'll use this formula long term to see you achieve great result! Your goals will come to you rather than you chasing them! 

Online support from me personally face 2 face, for the 6 weeks of the program and beyond if you choose to continue with it.  All of your questions answered ensuring you stay on track 100% of the time.

Foods that boost your happy hormones and help reduce stress build up because 80% of how you feel, is effected by what you eat.  We know how important staying happy is to you.

I know that it's more than just a meal plan that's needed to sustain your results long term, because it's more about the motivation part!

If you act now for December alone, you'll receive these incredible BONUSES TOO!

BONUS No# 1 (value £199)

6 Steps To Sensational Living - This Recorded Webinar gives you the 6 things to get in place to achieve amazing living, whatever current position

BONUS No# 2 (value £99)

Sustainable Health & Fitness Solutions - This eBook shares why your body is working against you, why the diet industry doesn't want you to succeed....ever and how to bypass that for good

BONUS No# 3 (value £97)

Sugar Cravings - The Science Behind The Myth - This exclusive training from my 60days2success Wellness Program shares why we create sugar cravings and how we can stop them in their tracks

BONUS No# 4 (value £297)

Losing Weight Is A Complex Issue - Exclusive access to training I delivered with Jan McClean-Smith, a councillor and psychotherapist.  Here we discuss why women struggle to achieve food related goals and how you will avoid falling into that trap time after time 

Total Value


But for December only you get all of this......

For Only £197

Get yourself ahead of the game and place your order today! 

You'll have access to your FREE BONUSES immediately after signing up sent direct to your inbox and the Nutrition Program will come through on the 1st of January, plus I'll be hosting the very first of the weekly LIVE training calls via Zoom on the 2nd 

Start Creating The New You Today For Only £197


100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

If you're not satisfied with the products or services within

the first 14 days we'll return your full amount to you.


Sally R.

I'm learning so much more about myself and how to beat my past bad habits; I understand now why I couldn't stick to a plan before

Sarah Y.

I feel so much better, it feels like my insides must be shining haha! It has never felt this easy before to eat with the my husband and my son; we all enjoy the meals 

Rebecca P.

I feel so much calmer and my whole family have noticed the difference in me.  I'd been struggling for so long I'd forgotten how great I can feel!