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For All Men Who's Partner Is Over The Age Of 35!


If your relationship is important, you want to support her right? Check this video out and discover how to support her better!

Step 1: Watch This

Step 2: 80% Of Women Don't Share This With Their Man

Step 3: Click For FREE Training Below

Women will try so many things

with limited success?

> Weight Loss Supplements

> Liquid Diets

> Slimming World / Weight Watchers

> Low Carb

> Low Fat

> Keto

> Paleo

> Calorie Counting

The Most important thing to know is.....women can lose a sense of their identity, their past self is slipping away from them and feelings of hopelessness can creep in when non of these fad diets give long term results; it works for a short time just doesn't!

Her body just doesn't respond the same as it used to back in your 20's.  As young as 35 women's natural sex hormone levels can begin to fall, creating changes they don't fully understand.

Is she:

- Feeling more stressed recently..........often about the small things?

- Happy one minute then wants to kill you the next?

- Not accepting your compliments about how sexy she looks?

Before it gets to the stage where you feel your relationship is beyond the point of repair, it's about you as a man taking responsibility to be there, supporting her to:


Be Less Self Critical!                             > Feel closer to you knowing you're there!


Begin To Feel Feminine Again!          > Feel Confident approaching the menopause!

Take the pressure off!                         > STOP following BS diets that don't work!


As a man you are 50% of the relationship, if you think it's frustrating, you now know how frustrated she might be feeling.  Share this with her right now!

Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

Mel achieved her dream health and fitness goals in 12 weeks after struggling with peri-menopause and limiting allergies and lost 16kg.

Christianne's Journey: After approaching peri-menopause, she cut through the mixed messages to lose 22lbs and 7inches from her waist in 60days

Sarah's Journey: She got far more than she thought she would have from her journey!

Hear how Tracy has gotten more than she bargained for in just the first 3 weeks of the 60days2success Wellness Program

Emma's Journey: Hear how she's ended up doing things she never thought possible before!

Becky never believed she could be a great mum and have amazing health but now has created the lifestyle where she's doing both.  She Broke free from her conditioning over years of mis-informaiton.

Cécile's Journey: Losing 27.5lbs and now learning more about herself than she ever done before. 

Jan's Journey: 2 years on she's still maintaining her weight and motivation to remain on track.

Annettes Journey to banishing IBS and sugar cravings, that has boosted self esteem, getting into amazing shape and having a system to follow for life!

Becky didn't believe it was possible to be an attentive mum and take care of her own health.  Now she's living a life doing both and feels amazing.

Audrey went from feeling low to glowing once again while running her own business, looking after 2 small children and preparing for a major house move

Holly is best known for being a professional show jumper but had a secret she'd been struggling with for far too long.  Now that is well and truly behind her

Jessica Transformation.jpg
Emma B4 & After.JPG

Jessica's Journey: Just incredible change in so many ways; life can truly be and feel amazing when you discover what works for you! She lost 16kg in 9 months.

3 years on Emma has remained the same weight but has explored so much more due to her amazing self confidence

Before:After Marine.JPG

Marine was battling with not being able to lose her baby weight, now is feeling like the women she was before.

Annette B4:After.JPG

Netty went from feeling constantly bloated because of Per-menopause and suffering from IBS, to feeling amazing each and every day and all IBS symptoms had gone

Mel first post.jpg
Dawns first week.jpg

Dawn's Beginning: Wow! This is just the first week for Dawn...Amazing already!

For Mel this is just the beginning of what will be an amazing transformation to be able to put herself first guilt free, knowing those she loves the most will also benefit

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