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FREE Hip2Waist Calculator

Discover Your Hip 2 Waist Measurement That Will Indicate Whether You're At Increased Risk Of Lifestyle Disease

The Quick And Easy Measurement You Can Use To Determine Your Current Potential Risk Factors: 

Visceral Fat is one of the hidden dangers people don't think about until it's too late!

What is Visceral Fat:


Visceral Fat (VF)  is fat that wraps around your organs deep inside your abdominal cavity and you can’t always feel it or see it; in fact you may have a fairly flat stomach and still be carrying high percentages of VF.  


How To Measure It?


Only expensive scans will truly determine exact measures of VF however a very quick way of checking this is with a tape measure, you simply take 2 measurements, 1 from the waist and 1 from the hips and this will give you a very quick indicator of your elevated level of risk for more serious lifestyle related disease.

Lifestyle factors that lead to increased Visceral Fat:


1: Stress - The main stress hormone Cortisol increases the amount of Visceral Fat your body stores and the main danger is that many people in all professions simply accept stress as part of their role or even worse get used to being or feeling stress which leads to becoming stuck in an negative loop of constant stress hormones being released into the bloodstream


2: Diet - This is where it can get  a little tricky as there are many people out there who have nutritionally poor diets but don’t gain a great deal of weight, not to the point of being ‘obese’, so the perception is that everything is ok.

Click the link below to discover how you can take a very quick and easy measurement without the need for high tech expensive scans, that will give you immediate feedback on your current approximated levels of Visceral Fat.

Follow the link below then come back to this page and request your FREE HEALTH CHECK that you can simply complete which will highlight the main areas for you to begin to focus upon to transform your life.

Now you have your Hip 2 Waist Ratio Score, head over to the complete your FREE HEALTH CHECKLIST, this will highlights were you can start today to make amazing changes in your life, boosting performance at work, raising your self esteem, boosting your energy when spending time with loved ones and most importantly; reducing your risk of lifestyle related disease.

You are now on the road to making some amazing changes in your life, knowing where you are right now; this is the beginning of the fog being lifted to live your extraordinary life!



Health Happiness Success



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