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Congratulations On Completing Your 60days2success Wellness Program

You have made the transition towards changing your life for life.........

This Is Just The Beginning


Congratulations on completing the 60days2success Wellness Program and achieving fantastic results!  After chatting with you, I know you are pleased with what you have done in such a short period of time, it’s been a real pleasure working with you.


So this really is the beginning of your next phase of long lasting heightened levels of health and well-being.  All of the habits surrounding nutrition, exercise and mindset must be maintained in order to continue to build on your successes. 


What Does This All Mean:


All new lifestyle choices work until they don’t; what I mean by that, is that any new habit is reversible. I know it’s not what you want to hear but unfortunately it’s true so there’s no room for complacency here, continue to keep your conscious choices surrounding daily decisions in the forefront of your mind and think from your intellect first.


Knowing this has been a success for you means, it’s totally possible to move further into unchartered territory and create the best version of your physical and psychological self to bring about greater energy, improved muscle tone, increased metabolism and an internal system that defends against infection effectively and regularly for optimising future health; whilst dispelling the myths about ageing and settling for second best.  Knowing you're stepping outside your Comfort Zone is key!


The Simplicity Of The 60days2success Framework:


Nutrition Element - This element is all about simplicity, the use of whole foods, improving gut health, no complicated recipes or demanding eating schedules.  

This approach relies on 3 main parts:


  1. Feeling satisfied in 2 ways: with your knowledge you’ve gained and will continue to gain over time and as a result of the foods you eat

  2. Regulate blood sugar levels to burn more fat stores

  3. Being hormone aware so you can make choices effectively and timely


Feeling Satisfied


Whether it’s a breakfast smoothie, a lunch option or your final meal, eating to ensure you feel satisfied without being bloated or stuffed, it’s the calm you feel from eating a meal that does what it should; provide your body with the nourishment it needs.  At at brain level you will feel satisfied when your brain sends the signal to your stomach that it’s had enough.  So what’s enough?  This is very different from person to person, this is the reason why the 60days2success meal plan doesn’t give calorie counts or precise quantities in Phase II because it’s here things can begin to falter and leave you thinking about the next meal when limitations are placed upon food. 


This approach gives you freedom but all of the time focusing on whole foods, organic ingredients where possible, using quality protein sources, good fats, fibre and greens, promoting gut health and living a holistic way to a healthier you.

If you do require a recipe book for further guidance, I highly recommend this awesome book written by Lisa Roukin, called My Relationship With Food.  She has produced a fantastic journey of her relationship with food and a whole lot of great recipes, I know you'll love.  Go check it out!


The Role Of Protein:


  • Signals to the brain that your full because it increases production of your fullness hormone (GLP-1) and your control hormone (PYY) and also releases your reward hormone (dopamine).  A lack of protein also increases your carbohydrates cravings (NPY)


  • Contains B Vitamins which help with overall nutrient absorption 


  • Great source of Amino Acids which are the building blocks for cell growth and repair


The Role Of Fats:


  • These good fats increase the feelings of being satisfied (leptin hormone release)


  • Fats reduce fasting levels of insulin meaning the levels of insulin floating around the system between meals is much reduced meaning you can be a better fat burning machine


  • Slows digestion


  • Hydrates Cells


The Role Of Fibre:


  • Provides foods for the good gut bacteria to thrive and helps bowel movement too


  • Helps the body produce Butyrate which is a Super Fat for the gut and has anti-inflammatory properties


  • Removes toxins from the body


  • Slows down the absorption of sugars


The Role Of Greens:


  • These nutritional dense foods are packed with Vitamins


  • Many have fantastic antioxidant properties


  • Quickly promotes the release of Leptin because you can eat in large quantities


  • High levels of dietary fibre which feeds the friendly gut bacteria


  • Simple to prepare (cooked or raw) and packed full with essential minerals


Elongate Your Blood Sugar Curve:


It’s super important you begin your day right because it’s here you can set yourself up for a balanced day and to feel satisfied for as long as possible and have fewer ups and downs.  The 60days2success smoothies and breakfast options give you this essential balance for a great start every morning.  Understanding that changes to this part of your day with refined sugars, increased fruit sugars or simple carbohydrates will give you a rise then fall in blood sugar levels creating cravings.


Continuing to use snacks as a bridge and not as an essential every day will mean you can put your body into the fat burning zone between each meal.  That said if you do snack, choosing wisely is key.  Having a fibre portion (raw nuts) with your fruit choice ideally dark berries if you have fruit, will slow down the absorption of the fruit sugars smoothing out your blood sugar rise and fall.  If you choose to eat fruit with your lunch, having this fruit portion first means the fruits are assimilated first and your main lunch afterwards as is the natural order.  Eating to satisfy your body means you switch off hunger hormones (ghrelin) and switch on satisfaction hormones (leptin).  Forget the old school method of eating every 3hrs, this has been shown to be detrimental to weight management for our day 2 day lives.  The insulin released following a meal can be in your system for several hours, so adding more snacking to your day will only increase this storage hormone and switch off your fat burning potential. 

Essentially what you have been doing is training your body to find it’s own optimal weight without calorie counting and huge restrictions, while creating a more intuitive way of eating.


Being Hormone Aware:


By eating to keep your blood sugar curve balanced you will be keeping your hunger hormones in check.  The more you understand this process the more you will be able to raise your awareness of what your body is telling you or tricking you into thinking.

Remember the connections between insulin (hormone released following carb ingestion), Ghrelin (your hunger hormone) and Leptin (your fullness hormone).  After eating a meal your body may still try to trick you that you are still hungry because of the levels of the glycogen (sugar) storage hormone insulin levels being high in your bloodstream.  When you aren’t balanced your cravings will come in quicker and stronger, so it’s important that you structure your meals well.  Understanding this process will allow you to keep your metabolism working for you and not against you without a glitch.   High fibre greens,  protein source and a high GI value carbohydrate (if necessary) is a simple rule of thumb; more to come about these foods.


Ditch Perfection:

None of us are perfect and far from it but we can be much more aware, have a mindset that keeps us thinking consciously, make decisions from our intellect and new knowledge base and succeed.  Life is for living and enjoying and now you have the tools and necessary information to combat all life throws at you.

Have Your Fun Without Losing Your Balance:


Making it through a holiday or party without an indulgence is practically impossible, the 60days2success future for you is certainly not about living like a monk 24/7 but you can stay balanced and still have a great time by using simple strategies.


Get Ahead Of The Game - Check out menus and plan what you’ll have before you arrive.  All restaurants have this info available online or simply ask a member of your group what the food is like


Have a Pre Party Smoothie - This is a sure fire way to avoid turning up feeling ravenous and will mean you skip the bread, sugar ladened appetizers and nibbles before hand and arrive with a calmer internal system for you to enjoy your choice far better. 


Earn Your Alcohol - Make a pact with yourself that you will workout on the day of your event, party, wedding or function.  Ideally it’d be 2-3hrs prior to your arrival but if this isn’t possible, anytime during the day will be great; this way you will make room in your liver and muscle tissue for the extra glucose you’ll consume. 


Kick Of With A Softie -  Try making your first drink a soft one or a sparkling water with lemon before you move to your favourite tipple and even have a few water drink breaks if the night is a long one.  


Fruit Based Dessert or Alcohol - Because both fructose and alcohol are metabolised in the liver, this can create heavy post event detoxification; a small dark chocolate dessert is better and you don’t need as much to satisfy your appetite for sweet (if you have a sweet liking).


Avoid giving excuses for what you’re doing, when you give a ‘I’m on a healthy eating regime’ type answer, people are very quick to judge.  The simple answer of ‘no thank you’ may suffice but if it doesn’t, ‘I find eating much less sugar and/or alcohol really helps me feel better and I’ve got great results from doing so’; for example and change the subject.  Unfortunately everyone has an opinion on our food choices and people often want us to do what they do, to make themselves feel better.  


Avoiding Hangovers:


You may love a glass of wine and having fun; living with the 60days2success Principles isn’t here to deprive you of these times so here are some tips to avoiding the dreaded hangover.


  1. Hydrate before you head out - hangovers are caused by dehydration, so before you head out to your next party or event, drink several glasses of water or better still mix ½ tsp rock salt or Himalayan Sea Salt in a large glass of water and squeeze in the juice of ½ an orange, the sugars will give you a lift and the salt will increase your electrolyte levels in your cells.  Blitzing up a green or fruit smoothie will also do the trick too.

  2. Eat before you head out - the old saying of lining your stomach definitely holds water but in a way that will help your body deal with the simple sugars in alcohol.  Having a small salad with a protein source or a super smoothie will work perfectly; you have plenty of options on the Phase II meal planner to choose from that will be quick and easy to prepare and having this balance in your system means you are much better prepared to deal with the acetaldehyde, one of the causes of the sore head the next day.  Unfortunately the hormone (acetaldehyde dehydrogenase) needed for breaking down this terror substance is in lesser quantities in women that it is in men. 

  3. Sweat it out or sleep it off - while working out the next day might release some feel good hormones, it will only serve to further dehydrate you, so if you choose this option then a long brisk walk or cycle will be better than a HIIT session.  If you do choose to workout, be sure to drink an extra 500-750ml of water afterwards.  Sleeping it off is often a better option as it gives your body a chance to recover and repair at a cellular level so may be a healthier choose.  


Know Your Hormones:

Knowing and understanding what is happening in your body throughout the day is key, so here’s some info on the main hormones that affect our mood, sleep patterns, hunger and energy levels.  Recognising the signs is crucial to your next course of action.


































































































The 60days2success Wellness Program has shown you the way to fuel your body without the roller coaster effects of the highs and lows of blood sugar, meaning a much calmer day and a balance of energy as well as teaching your body to enter it’s fat burning zone automatically.  It's also very effective at managing changing to your body as you age, i.e going through the Peri-Menopause and Menopause for women and decreasing levels of testosterone in men.


Move Your Butt


After going through and being exposed to the 60days2success HIIT series, you will know this is not the only type of exercise out there.  However exercise generally falls into 1 of 2 categories; Aerobic or Anaerobic, I’ll start Aerobic.


Aerobic - This form of exercise happens when you simply get your body moving, your heart rate, breathing rate and blood flow all increase and is normal attributed to jogging, running, cycling, swimming, rowing or similar use of a piece of equipment.  It emphasises endurance or stamina and are less intense in nature; however when most people utilise this form of exercise they go too hard, too fast, too quickly and simply tap into their stored sugars (glycogen) for fuel, meaning you quickly run out of steam and have to stop.  Performing any of these modalities of aerobic exercise needs to be done at a much lower intensity over a longer period of time and you should be able to hold a conversation (and not sing) for the whole time.  This is not about going out as fast as you can to sweat as much as possible and think it’s a great workout because you push to the max.  You want to tap into your fat burning zone as quickly as possible and this is done by starting slow and building to the desired pace over the 45-90mins of exercise; obviously starting at the lower end unless you are a seasoned exerciser. 


Anaerobic - This is where your HIIT sessions come into play, short sharp intense bouts of exercise separated by a rest period and repeated for 20-45mins.  This is the ideal time frame that suits the over 35’s as it reduces the risk of injury through fatigue and means you can push hard throughout.  This type of exercise is characterised by it not requiring oxygen to produce the energy required for a short burst of exercise, yes you will feel out of breath but that is the body's response to the exercise and oxygen is required for recovery to occur so you can go again.  This can also include resistance training, kettlebell training, sprinting, skipping and boxing.  Because this form of exercise targets muscle glycogen, you will get greater gains in toning and shaping plus it boosts your metabolism over time meaning you’ll burn more just by sitting than you did before.  You will also raise your EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) levels after a HIIT type anaerobic session greater than that of an aerobic session; which means you’ll simply continue burning more calories for longer once completed, that’s got to be a bonus right.


You are not tied to any one form of exercise by any means but mixing them up is great for long term health benefits and exercise of any description is a great stress reliever, a way of getting outdoors, getting the family active and it’s use regularly will act as a catalyst to maintaining your ideal weight; long term.


Strength Training


Strength training is a great way to boost metabolism, increase muscle tone and provides an extra dimension to your training and gives great results.


Methods of utilising weights:


Circuit - This type of session is great because you can treat it similar to a HIIT Session

  1. Choose 3 Upper Body Exercises

  2. Choose 3 Lower Body Exercises

  3. Complete 10 - 15reps per exercise and move between stations without a break

  4. Once all 6 exercises are complete rest for 60-90secs then complete a further 2-3 rounds before stopping and stretching fully


Upper / Lower Body Split - Here you would split your session into either working the upper or lower body 

  1. 4-6 exercises that focus on all upper or lower body muscle group

  2. Complete 3-4 sets of 10-15reps depending on whether you are looking to increase muscle size (10reps) or to tone (12-15reps)

  3. Also to give a greater dimension to your training I would advise working through some multi-joint multi muscle movement patterns i.e Squat and Press (holding a weight in your hands by your chest while you perform a squat then as you stand press the weight above your head), here you’ll be working almost every muscle in your body and giving you a greater calorie burn and energy expenditure.  This can be done with a lunge and holding the weight in one hand or a combination of the above.


With regards to using machines or free weights, I’d advise free weight (dumbbells/kettlebells/medicine balls/bars) because these will challenge your Core, co-ordination and will work a larger number of muscles as you workout.

Strength machines are good but they generally take out the need to use your Core muscle because there is as seat or bench to use.  These machines are still good as long as you seek proper advice on how to use each piece correctly.


Making Body Loving Choices


When making food choices that fit in with the 60days2success framework, choosing foods with the most nutritional value is key and they will ensure you have choice and variation in your daily/weekly food intake.


Here’s a quick guide to the best choices for carbohydrates / fats / protein / fibre


Optimal Fat Choices:


Avocado Flaxseed

Avocado Oil Flaxseed Oil

Organic Butter (thinly spread) Coconut OIl

Coconut Milk (full fat) Olives

Olive Oil (extra virgin for dressings) Raw Nuts (almonds/cashews/brazil/pistachios)

Non Starchy Vegetables:


Artichokes Asparagus

Aubergine Bamboo Shoots

Bean Sprouts Beet Greens

Bell Pepper (red/yellow/green) Broccoli

Broccoli Brussel Sprout

Cabbage (red/white) Cauliflower

Cavalo Nero Chicory

Carrot Courgette

Cucumber Celery

Fennel Garlic

Green Beans Kale

Leeks Lettuce (all variety)

Mushrooms Onions (red/white)

Pumkin Radish

Spinach Squash (many varieties)

Swiss Chard Tomatoes

Watercress Turnip



Non Starchy Carbohydrate Replacements:


Courgetti Cauliflower Rice

High Fibre Starchy Carbohydrates: (eaten on training days)


Quinoa Gluten Free Pasta (once or twice per month)

Rice (wild / basmati / brown) Sweet Potato / Yams (2-3 times p/wk)


Daily Fruit Choices:


Blackberries Blueberries

Raspberries Strawberries

Lemon Goji Berries

Aronia Berries Lime


Weekly Fruit Choices:


These fruits are higher in fruit sugars so you should consider having them once or twice p/week


 - Apples

 - Banana

 - Cherries

 - Apricots 

 - Grapefruit

 - Kiwi

 - Melon (any type)

 - Nectarines

 - Oranges

 - Passion Fruit

 - Peaches        

 - Plums


The following should be had on a monthly basis due to how much they rapidly change your blood sugar levels:


Dried Fruits Pineapple

Dates White Potatoes

Final Note

You have made a fantastic start to your journey to future health success and to have the knowledge of how to balance life choices, all the time knowing the information you have from the 60days2sucess Wellness Program gets you results when applied mindfully.  This holistic approach of mind body awareness is crucial for 21st century living and long may you experience this precious gift.  


This however is in some respects the beginning of what will be a fantastic journey of discovery and you now have the option of continuing your success with our Mastermind Wellness Program which will keep your momentum going.


Prevent the momentum from slowing, let’s arrange a time that suits you to have a virtual coffee or green tea, to chat about how this could work for you.


Follow the link to find a time in my diary:

Also I know you'll want to share your success with those around you and why wouldn't you; so we actively encourage you to speak with your friends who may be in the same position you were in 3 months ago.

For every person you refer to the 60days2success Wellness Program, who starts, we'll send you £100 as a thank you.

Check out the Refer A Friend Page HERE!


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