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How To FEEL AMAZING, Eating Foods you Love, Be in Great Shape Without Beating Yourself Up

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You're going to be getting your eBook in your emails, scheduling a call isn't a requirement to getting the eBook :) 

But, if you want to take advantage of talking with me privately, I have something for you.

As a trainer and coach in fitness and a functional nutrition expert who's been in the industry for 20+ years, would chatting to me personally help you sift through the jargon and rubbish out there?   


To help FREE yourself from feeling like you've: 


- explored every avenue possible

- been silently coping with how your body is changing

- been 'eating' away every single emotion 

Whether you've tried every single diet out there.......

Or you've been struggling for longer than you care to remember......

Whatever it is, change really is out there....

Let's hop on a FREE 45 Minute Call together and let's simply give you clarity to why it feels so damn tough beyond your 40's.

If you like what you hear and want to work 1-1 you can get started

If you don't, you still be armed with more information about why you're struggling and how to try again better by yourself.

It's a WIN/WIN! 

Hit the button above and Schedule your Free Call.

I look forward to speaking to you soon :) 

To Schedule a Call you must meet the following criteria:

    You must be honest with what's holding you back

    Your partner must support you and be ready to jump on the call if it helps you

    You must be willing/want to change mentally & physically 

It's important to me that you get exactly what you need to create the changes you want and if any of those things don't apply to you, there may be a different resource, approach or support.


Health Happiness Success



then check your emails for the

"10 Truths Every Woman Should Know...eBook" 

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Stefan Taylor

Amazing Changes From People Who Never

Thought It Was Possible

(click to hear their experiences of amazing change)

Mel achieved her dream health & fitness in 12 weeks after years of struggle, losing 16kg! 

Christianne broke free of the failed attempts at losing weight and sustaining it long term.  2 years on she's still feeling amazing.

Hear how Tracy has gotten more than she bargained for in just the first 3 weeks of the 60days2success Wellness Program

Jan's Journey: 2 years on she's still maintaining her weight and motivation to remain on track.

Annette overcame years of struggling with a sugar addiction and IBS and is now symptom free and has a brand new approach to what healthy living is.

Miranda ditched the "I'm getting too old" mindset and followed the plan to sleep, exercise and feel so much better

When Cécile finally realised she has changed her mindset completely after thinking it wasn't possible for her

Becky never believed she could be a great mum and have amazing health but now has created the lifestyle where she's doing both.  She Broke free from her conditioning over years of mis-informaiton.

Emma B4 & After.JPG

3 years on Emma has remained the same weight but has explored so much more due to her amazing self confidence

Before:After Marine.JPG

Marine was battling with not being able to lose her baby weight, now is feeling like the women she was before.

Annette B4:After.JPG

Netty went from feeling constantly bloated because of Per-menopause to feeling amazing each and every day.

Jessica Transformation.jpg

Jessica lost 16kg over the course of 9 months and now feels confident wearing clothes she shied away from for so many years.

Agi Before:After.jpg

Agi lost 5 stone over the course of 12 months and freed herself from the torture of constantly feeling like she was on a diet.

Before:After Chrissy.JPG

Chrissy lost 22lbs and 7inches from her hips and waist in 60days and 2 years later she's still maintaining the same weight and loving her results.

All of these women have been where you are right now
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